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Cancellation Policy

The staff at OHWPT want to provide all our clients with the best care we can to ensure that your treatment is a success. However, showing up for your scheduled visits is your most important job. We take this seriously because full participation in your prescribed plan of care for physical therapy can make the difference in your treatment success. We know that everyone’s time is valuable. Thus, our policies are outline below: 

We require 24-hour notice in the event of a cancellation. It is your responsibility, when you call in, to have an alternative time in mind that will ensure you get in the FULL prescribed number of treatments that week. (please initial )

There is a $50 charge for any cancellation that does not give proper notice (at least 24 hours before). This charge will not be covered by insurance and will have to be paid by you personally before you will be able to continue your treatment/sessions. (please initial )

For Workers' Compensation and Personal Injury patients, documentation of any missed appointments will be forwarded to your Case Manager and Primary Physician. This may jeopardize your claim.

A client who does not show up for a scheduled appointment will be charged a no-show fee of $50. Clients who demonstrate a habit of cancelling or no showing frequently may be discharged at the therapist discretion. After 3 late cancels/no-show occurrences, we reserve the right to review your case and determine discharge as appropriate. (please initial )

Please, understand that your pain may fluctuate as your course of treatment progresses. Either of the following conditions can seem to be a reason not to come in: A) you’re feeling worse and think the treatment is not working or, B) you’re feeling better and it’s a great day for fishing. However, neither of these conditions are a legitimate reason not to come. First of all, if you’re in pain, treatment is most-likely your best option; secondly, if you’re out of pain, now is the time that we can begin doing some real correction of the underlying causes of your problem and educate you so you wont re-injure yourself, etc. (please initial )

Most importantly, when you don’t show as scheduled, 3 people get hurt: 1) YOU, because you don’t get the treatment you need as prescribed by your referring provider and Physical Therapist. 2) THE THERAPIST, who now has a space in their schedule that was reserved for you personally, 3) ANOTHER PATIENT, who could have been scheduled for treatment if you had given proper notice.

We appreciate your cooperation and consideration for others. We are looking forward to working with you welcoming you into the OHWPT family.



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