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We are Southeast Alaska’s premiere physical therapy clinic and fitness center focused on making positive differences in our community. Our area has quick access to the outdoors where you can hike, bike, hunt or fish. At Optimum Health and Wellness Physical Therapy we offer a wide spectrum of care. Our therapists provide many specializations including Aquatic Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy,  Strain CounterStrain,  Visceral Mobilization, and McKenzie Protocol Techniques.


Our Pledge to Hire for Happiness

We at Optimum Health & Wellness Physical Therapy, Inc. believe in the universal principle that everyone has an unconditional right to pursue and achieve happiness. We also believe that individuals have a better chance of achieving happiness by also contributing to others’ own success and happiness. Thus, we at OHWPT are committed to hire employees who are like-minded in the pursuit of happiness.

We are firm believers that the surest road to success and happiness is paved with an uncompromising desire to: 

Firstly, achieve one’s life goals.
Secondly, help others achieve their own life goals and dreams. 

Therefore, in our effort to attract dedicated Team Members who will contribute to our expansion and success and be active in helping to make Ketchikan a happier and healthier place to live, we are committed to comply with the following principles:

1. We shall ideally select job applicants who are driven by personal life goals or plans, knowing that it is a natural condition to be able to enjoy work, demonstrate measurable performance and to persist through difficulties and challenges. 

2. A primary condition for selecting people shall be their ability to recognize our dedication to also contribute to their overall success and happiness, not just to provide them short-term financial benefits. 

3. Applicants shall be evaluated and selected by their genuine intention and devotion to contribute to others’ success and happiness, whether it be their employer, peers, customers, or anyone directly involved in their work group understanding that:

4. Happiness can truly occur in the workplace only when everyone in out company is unconditionally committed to faithful and persistent of, and compliance with these principles. 

5. We shall give preference of employment to applicants who are committed to naturally enforce such principles of universal right, can provide evidence of willingness and capacity to contribute to our profitable success AND to our higher goals of social responsibility – which includes a genuine desire to contribute to our own company’s happiness and that of the local community.

– Kelly Chick Comstock, CEO